How does ESPELIDES work?

Paste or write your text into the window. Click on the action of your choice.

CUTRearranges your words.

MOREAdds more options, blurring the text.

EXTREMEChops the language up even further.

You can do this multiple times.

UNDOReverses the action.

On the phone or tablet you can use PREDICTIVE TEXT to select your words. This doesn’t have to make sense; it’s just an input method. Simply click multiple times on the choices that the predictive keyboard offers you.

Also, don't forget the possibilities of VOICE ACTIVATION.

The app also includes SHAKE TECHNOLOGY. Just try shaking your device.

Do you have any further tips?

ESPELIDES is like any other methodology; it rewards persistence. After using the app for some weeks, you will find your own shortcuts to output, a combination of buttons and undos that work for you.

Predictive text, portions of classics, voice control, existing client documents; they can all be used as input methods for the app.

Who are the developers?

The ESPELIDES app has been created for Psopo by myself, Michael Atavar, with programming by Piers Aitman and UI by Richard Scarborough. If you like this experimental approach to ideas, try my most recent book How To Have Creative Ideas In 24 Steps - Better Magic.

How did it evolve?

The idea for ESPELIDES came to me at a time when I was recording all my dreams.

It's a large audience in a cinema, the rows are packed. They are all using ESPELIDES, an automatic writing game. For them it's physical, however, I am saving it on a screen, to avoid losing my written text.

The background to this apparently spontaneous idea was that, for a long time, I had been using the cut-up technique of Brion Gysin and William Burroughs. In my own work, this method frequently helps me out of tight corners, where language becomes too proscriptive. It gives me further avenues of the unconscious on which to draw.

After having the dream, I decided to make my own engine, an instant I-Ching version, if you like, of the ESPELIDES writing game – a generative tool that could develop new effects and thoughts, primarily to use in my own writing.

I find it useful for product ideas, names, titles, exercises in writing.

This is what you now see as ESPELIDES.

Where can I find out more?

I am in the process of using ESPELIDES every day for a year, in order to generate product names/titles. Outputs can be seen at @ESPELIDES

My own writing and consultancy work can be found here: @michaelatavar


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